The latest news|The secretary of Huanghua Municipal Party Committee visited Hongtai to guide the work


2022-02-21 14:58

On the morning of June 3, Zhu Chunyan, secretary of the Huangpu Municipal Party Committee, and his party came to Hebei Hongtai to guide the work. Zhu Shuji learned about the safety production work and environmental protection work of the production base of Hongtai Group headquarters, and implemented the rectification of the problems and the emergency response to heavy pollution. The situation is supervised.



Mr. Wang Zhiguang, Chairman of Hongtai Group, accompanied the research team and reported to the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee on the environmental protection and safety production of the production base of Hongtai Group Headquarters.

In the process of rapid development, Hongtai Group pays close attention to safety production and environmental protection work, strengthens publicity and training, and enhances employees' safety awareness and environmental awareness. Continuously strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, continuously improve safety risk management and control, and implement environmental responsibility to specific departments.

As of the first half of this year, Hongtai Group has invested tens of millions of yuan to update environmental protection equipment and actively respond to the call of the municipal party committee to win this blue sky defense battle.