Tianjin: It is strictly forbidden to park in the same area as the hazardous chemicals vehicles that are in conflict with the med


2022-02-21 14:53

The temperature is constantly rising, and the quality management of vehicles in summer is crucial to ensure the safety of travel. The public security traffic control department of Binhai New Area strengthens the source safety management of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles.

The traffic police Tanggu detachment development zone brigade vigorously strengthens the safety management of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles carrying out transportation operations within the jurisdiction, requires enterprise units to do source management, and targets the recent transportation of dangerous chemicals transport enterprises at home and abroad. Typical cases of hidden dangers of accidents, strengthening driver safety travel and vehicle parking training. The brigade signed a guarantee with the dangerous chemicals transportation enterprise, requiring dangerous chemicals transportation vehicles to be parked in a qualified parking lot for dangerous chemicals, and it is forbidden to park at other sections. Temporary parking of hazardous chemicals transport vehicles is not allowed to be close to open fires, high temperature places, crowded places, etc., which may cause harm.

According to the requirements of the traffic control department, vehicles parked inside hazardous chemicals enterprises shall be set up in a flammable and explosive area, a low-toxic area and a general chemical parking area according to the classification of dangerous chemicals. It is strictly forbidden to park vehicles with chemical properties or methods of conflicting in the same area. The safety manager of a dangerous chemical transportation enterprise shall conduct a 24-hour inspection and report it in a timely manner in case of an emergency and promptly dispose of it according to the disposal plan.