Shandong: shut down and shut down 3,000 chemical companies, eliminating 108 million tons of production capacity


2022-02-21 14:53

“Shandong does have a number of industries with heavy pollution and high energy consumption. Chemical industry is one of them. Although under the government’s call, most enterprises have entered the park and achieved emission standards, but the pollution level in the park is concentrated due to various pollutants. The trend of aggravation has not slowed down." At the joint meeting of the Third Session of the Standing Committee of the 13th Shandong Provincial People's Congress held recently, the issue of pollution in chemical parks has once again become the focus.

It is understood that Shandong Province is currently starting from the reduction and standardization of the park, strictly entering the project into the park, strengthening the park's own supervision, controlling the increment and optimizing the stock to improve the environmental protection of the province's chemical parks. And security.

Qian Huantao, director of the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Committee, said that at present, the province is actively reducing the chemical industry. The first step is to reduce some small-scale enterprises, especially small factories located in rural areas and communities. small workshop. It is understood that in 2017, Shandong Province shut down and shut down production and rectification of nearly 3,000 chemical companies, accounting for about one-third of the province's chemical enterprises, while the province's chemical companies eliminated 10.8 million tons of backward production capacity.

Enterprises should reduce the amount and the park should also reduce the amount. Qian Huantao emphasized that according to the statistics of relevant departments of Shandong Province, there are 199 chemical parks and chemical gathering areas in the province, and relevant departments will control this number to less than 100 by clearing up and rectifying.

Will such a large-scale reduction in the number of enterprises and parks cause trauma to the chemical industry in Shandong Province? Wang Chaoying, the first-level inspector of the Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission and the full-time deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Transfer Office, gave a negative answer. He pointed out that after centralized clean-up and reduction, the enterprise layout tends to be reasonable, the level of safety and environmental protection has been improved, and the main economic indicators of the chemical industry in the province have not declined. In 2017, the province's chemical enterprises above designated size achieved a revenue of RMB 3,844.2 billion and a profit of RMB 180.3 billion, up 14% and 20.5% respectively over the previous year.

The project to be promoted into the park needs to be identified one by one, and Shandong Province has launched the “Shandong Chemical Industry Park Certification Standard”. For a time, the provincial chemical park experienced the "most stringent test" in history. However, Qian Huantao pointed out that the identification of the park is only the first step. Next, the enterprises and projects entering the park must be identified one by one.

He said that Shandong listed high-end chemicals as one of the top ten industries for upgrading and upgrading. Chemical products and equipment are required to be high-end, and the process must be internationally advanced. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly determine whether new projects entering the park meet this standard. “In the past, our chemical projects had a low barrier to entry, and some small projects of several million have passed. But now, not only has the project threshold increased to 100 million, but also the chemical companies in the park have to carry out standardized certification, and the standard can be started. "Qian Huantao said.

Liu Aimin, head of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Chemical Industry Park of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone, said that if the chemical project wants to enter the park, at least three passes must be passed, namely the initial review of the Investment Promotion Bureau, the research of the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute, and the Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. The committee reviewed the panel. "No matter how good the project is, as long as the energy consumption is large and the pollution is serious, it should be rejected. If it does not meet the requirements of the industrial chain, it should be carefully considered." Liu Aimin stressed.

Manage the enterprise park to do "environmental accounts"

According to reports, for the environmental management of chemical parks, supervision is essential, which requires the participation of the park and enterprises.

Xu Shuxing, deputy director of the Safety Production and Environmental Protection Supervision Office of Changyi Binhai (Xiaying) Economic Development Zone, said that there are 68 chemical companies in the park, and safety is the top priority of the park. The environmental protection department of the park supervises the enterprise. At the same time, the park requires each enterprise to have a special environmental protection department. There are special personnel responsible for environmental protection self-examination and self-correction. It can be said that the two environmental protection departments have done a “green account”.

“The entire park's sewage, hazardous waste treatment, VOCs online monitoring, groundwater quality monitoring wells and other environmental protection projects and facilities constitute a complete environmental protection system, which provides strong support for the company's green and sustainable development. Currently, there is no environmental protection in the park. "Limited approval, listing supervision, and deadlines for rectification and unfinished matters." Xu Shuxing said.

Strengthening supervision is to maintain the red line for the park, and for the enterprises in the park is the guarantee of survival. In fact, many companies have tasted the sweetness of active supervision and active pollution control. The stricter the environmental constraints, the better the company's benefits. Yatong Petrochemical is the first enterprise to enter the chemical industry park of Dongying Port Economic Development Zone. In these years, it has invested heavily in strengthening environmental management and control. All environmental protection indicators are better than the park standards. Now production and sales are booming and the development momentum is good. "Now we are sleeping more practically." Liu Bao, the company's director of safety and environmental protection, exclaimed.