Tianjin Yanguan dangerous lanes illegal driving penalty 200 yuan


2022-02-21 14:54

With the coming of the summer vacation, the Binhai New Area Public Security Traffic Management Branch has strengthened the management of hazardous chemicals special roads, allowing hazardous chemicals vehicles and social vehicles to go their own way to ensure travel safety.

   "Let's stop by the side! Stop by the side!" At 10 o'clock in the morning, a small passenger car illegally occupied the dangerous chemical lane, and the traffic police of the Binhai New Area Traffic Control Branch driving the inspection vehicle, Liu Mingxi, yelled at the driver of the car. The traffic police informed the driver that such behavior was a traffic violation and issued a traffic ticket to the driver at the scene, prompting the driver to pay attention to the next two lanes outside the dangerous chemical lane. 

Binhai New Area has three special roads for hazardous chemicals, which are located in Tanggu Haibin Avenue, Hanqi Qixia Street and Dagang Light Textile Avenue. The total mileage is 42.7 kilometers. The intersections of these roads are marked with dangerous chemicals. Please take the special lane "traffic signs, markings. The reporter saw at the scene that through the installation of more than 10 electronic police officers and illegal notification of electronic screens, the number of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles has been able to travel on dedicated lanes as required, and social vehicles are consciously not in danger in the electronic police video recording section. Chemical vehicle lanes. However, in the absence of electronic police video recording, some vehicles will still be unconscious, occupying dangerous vehicles for special roads for convenience. However, the traffic control department has recently encrypted the frequency of road inspections and intensified the management of vehicles that illegally occupy dangerous lanes.

Sun Xueyi, the captain of the traffic police Xingang Road Brigade of the Binhai New Area Traffic Control Branch, said that some social vehicles still have illegal driving into dangerous lanes. The brigade sent patrol cars to persuade these vehicles and also imposed corresponding punishments. The social vehicle driver of the dedicated lane is fined 200 yuan, and no penalty is given.