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HONGTAI Group Co.,Ltd.
(abbreviated: Hongtai group) was founded in 2005

Headquartered in Huanghua, Hebei Province, it is a manufacturing, manufacturing, sales and sale of a large specialized automobile manufacturing enterprise. It has now developed into a diversified group.
Hongtai group under the jurisdiction of Hebei Hongtai, Ningxia Hua Tai college, Sichuan Hongtai, Jiangxi Hongtai and other 4 special car branches, the total assets of more than 2 billion yuan, the number of employees more than 3000 people. Hongtai group has the largest aluminum alloy tanker production line in Asia. The sales volume of the tank car is leading for 8 years in a row. The Kang Hongtai brand has become the benchmarking product of the special car industry.
Hongtai group is full of products, including aluminum alloy tank car, pressure vessel transport car, liquid transport semitrailer, powder grain material transport car, liquid single car, mixer, semi trailer, low flat car, dump truck, living car and so on in more than 100 kinds of models, all the products are implemented with advanced assembly line operation. Surface shot blasting and baking process ensure quality and visual perfection. Hongtai group sells products all over the country, and is exported to more than 40 countries and regions.
Hongtai group, with "innovation" and "quality" as the two driving engines, tries to provide customers with high quality and efficient special car products, and provides a professional and reliable full life cycle service. In the future, Hongtai group will continue to dream ahead with the idea of "aiming at the world and spreading the world" to create an internationally competitive enterprise.